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Today's kids (and their parents) have many more choices. For many parents, the first step in learning about a school isn't through a school visit, but through the school's website. What is the school's culture, mission or priorities? What extracurricular activities does it have? How diverse is it?

The school website is the first place to get this information. And, just as when people meet, the first impression is often the last impression, and can quickly influence whether the parent of a prospective student seeks more information about your school.

The school website isn't just for people who might be coming to the school—it's a hub for students, teachers, administrators, parents and the entire school family.

Creating a website that is useful your school and kid's parents.

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Not Need For Domain and Hosting

99school provide you a web address and web space for your school Website, where you can use and manage your school website. if your school web run at then you don't need to pay yearly amount for it.

Your School Listed With

We are going to add all school form different areas of our state. Join this school comunity service. We provide a platform where parents can search school here near about his location and best rating. parents can give rating to his children school.

School App Service

communication with parents teachers and school management
You can receive and send push messages to your kid's class teachers and stay up-to-date on assignments. Also, email or call your teachers with a single tap.

Easy to Use & Set Up
It's fast to set up and simple to use. Simply download the FREE app, choose the schools, information and alerts that interest you and you're ready to go.

Important everyday information
Now, parents can get the school information they want and need via their smartphone. From classwork updates to sports scheduling, lunch menus, scores and event and organization updates

School Web Service

This dynamic new platform will offer more flexibility and customisation so schools can personalise the 'look and feel' of their websites to suit the local needs of their school communities.

All websites are fully responsive, so they look and perform well on mobiles, tablets and modern web browsers.

Our team will work with you to develop ideas, then design and create a website for you.

Parents and Ofsted start making judgments about your school from the moment they access your website.

Flexible maintenance packages and customize available on affordable price.

99schools are invited to become part of this exciting digital future.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS for schools is an innovative new notification system that allows schools to make quick and hassle free communication with parents or guardians.

Make communication with parents quick, easy and hassle free while saving yourself hours of time and bags of cash.

Digital Control Systems

We provide Digital Control service in which Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine, RFID Card Based Attendance System, Biometric Access Control Systems, Face Recognition Attendance Systems and CCTV control.

Attendance machines help in automation of attendance of the students and can help in tracking the in and out time of students total study duration, lunch breaks.

A Good Looking Front Web

The school website is the first place to get this information. And, just as when people meet, the first impression is often the last impression, So we provide a good looking website and advance features for your school.

Show School Social Links

By adding social links to your site, users can easily navigate to your social channels to see the latest updates, products, events, services, and/or news about your company. It will also allow users to quickly engage in a two-way conversation with your brand on social media – satisfying that instant gratification world we all live in.

You can show your school Social Links in your school Web at different - different locations. like as top of web, contact us page.

Show Your School Infrastructure

Today's kid's parents search Those school who provide best study at clean and healthy school infrastructure.

A child spends his/her maximum time in school as a student. The school infrastructure then becomes a major factor behind how a child sees the world as he/she grows up.

It is a fact that having schools in good conditions is decisive for students to achieve the expected academic results

We Provide a Template section in admin panel where you can add your school Infrastructure.

Show Your School Academics

We provide a platform to school where they can describe Type of school academic as like: Play school, Middle school, High school.

We Provide a Template section in admin panel where you can add Type of your school Academics.

Manage School Gallery

Your school gallery can be used as a classroom teaching aid, students activities and sports activities. You can shared with the public. your school gallery just like a showcase of school.

You can easily manage it from schoolpanel.

Manage School Banners

Banner is a first impression of a web. You can manage it according to vacations, festival, event and many more.

You can manage your School Banners from admin panel.

Student Updates

This is important for students parent and school management. Management can update details about of Exam, Results, Fee details, Notes and any other activities of a particular students. Student's parent can watch on every information of his/her child.

Show Teachers List

you can show list of your school Teachers Details.

You can manage it from teacher section in Admin Panel.

School Contact Details

Here you can show your school contact details and you can show your school in Google Map. We are providing here QR code for your school web URL,You can use it for visiting card, print banner. Just scan QR code and your website will be open.

Create Your Own Web Page

You can create your own Web Pate. Some school details you want to add in web with new link, It is right option for you. It is show in footer in 3 tab. You can manage it form Admin Panel.

Manage School Event

Here you can show your school Event. We are providing a panel for manage your school Event.

Manage School Noticeboard

Here you can show your school Noticeboard. We are providing a panel for manage your school Noticeboard.

We Manage Your SEO

Here you feel relaxed for online marketing of your school web. We do SEO job for your school Website, So more and more pennants will reached your school and children can join your school.

Manage School Panel - Admin

We provide your a admin panel where You can manage you school website.

Responsive design

Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

Front view in Mobile

We provide you a responsive Web design for your school website. you can use your school web in laptop, tab and mobile.

Admin View in Mobile

We provide you a responsive admin design for your school website control. you can use your school panel in laptop, tab and mobile.

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