Bulk SMS Transactional / Promotional

Now a days, in educational sector this Bulk SMS service is getting very much popularity. School management use this Bulk SMS to communicate each and every information about their institute as well as about the child to the parents.
They communicate different kind of information like; school holidays, PTM Notices, child absentees, Daily Home Work Diary, Child's achievements, school achievements, and any kind of information which they want to share with the parents.

Where to use bulk SMS:

Attendance, Emergency class cancellation, Staff Contact, Holiday Update, Course Work Deadline, Event Reminder, Exam Dates, Result Declaration, Admission Enrollment, Fees Reminder, Time Table Scheduling/Rescheduling, Bus Route Timings

Biometric Attendance Machine

We provide a Admin panel where you can manage(add/Edit/Deleted) Teachers List, Exams List, Noticeboard , Events List, Gallery List, Banners , CMS Templates, Student datails and More.

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Machine:

Fingerprint Attendance machines are considered the best way to mark attendance. This System is commonly referred as Biometric time attendance system.

Card Based Time Attendance Machine:

Card Based Time Attendance Machine is a standalone card based system. In this student

Face Recognition System Time Attendance Machine:

Face Recognition System help in bringing punctuality in the school because they keep records of students in and out timings. Face Recognition Attendance System is the latest type of Attendance System.

RFID Card Based Attendance Systems:

In RFID Card Based Attendance System RFID Cards are used to mark attendance. Not only just for the attendance purpose these RFID Cards are used for Physical Access control in the school.

Digital Broadcasting System

One to One Communication with Talk Back (Two-Way Communication): Master (Principal/Admin/Directors unit) can speak as well listen to any selected room without disturbing other rooms.

Group Call: User can make 05 groups up to 10 rooms each for making group announcements. Groups can be made of rooms sharing common interests like Senior sections, junior section, playgroups, staff rooms etc..

Automatic School Bell Multiple Sound

Automatic Bell Ringing System: Most advanced feature rich automatic school bell system is integrated with this system.

The user can program whole day schedule and the bell will ring automatically. All 7 days of-of week can be programmed with different timetables.

The user can upload desired sound files to use as bell sounds or for playing music.